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About BEKS in-vehicle equipment

From sole proprietor to fleet owner
The development of our unique floor drawer system began in 2002. In the years that followed, BEKS grew to become Europe's number one for floor drawer systems for commercial vehicles. There was high demand for options to efficiently equip passenger cars, vans and work buses. Installation companies, assembly companies, service companies, locksmiths, energy companies, environmental agencies, farmers, construction companies, chimney sweepers, veterinarians, police and also the camping and leisure market appreciate BEKS' unlimited possibilities on a daily basis.

The strength of BEKS in-vehicle equipment
As a small organisation, we are flexible and can directly take into account your specific wishes and requirements when it comes to commercial vehicle fittings. We use state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials. This makes our system very durable. The risk of breakdowns is virtually zero. And if something does not work properly? Then we have a 10-year warranty.

How we work
Our distribution network is organised so that we can serve our customers locally throughout Europe. Our dealers have extensive experience installing our drawer system and can customise any commercial vehicle to your specifications.


Online decorating at its very best

Would you like to put together your own in-vehicle equipment very easily? BEKS has developed the wizard. This unique tool converts your ideas into a realistic design in just a few clicks.

The advisors at Provox will be happy to help you. And have you finished drawing? Then the BEKS-certified fitters are ready to expertly install your ideal interior.

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