Target audience: Police

For professionals on the road for general public
welfare, with a specially equipped emergency vehicle.

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BEKS - The Blue organizer

For many years now, police areas at home and abroad have found their way to BEKS. This is usually done via specialised installation partners. Companies that are fully dedicated to the total equipment of police and emergency vehicles. BEKS is proud to be part of such a conversion.

"With the BEKS-for-Blue closets, we are using space hitherto unused."

~ Fleet Manager Police

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"If our users do not break it, you have a top-notch product."

~ Fleet Manager Police

In difficult circumstances

BEKS-for-Blue has many brave users who do their job in difficult and stressful circumstances. The equipment is often roughly dealt with. No problem for BEKS. Our products have been designed to also function in these difficult circumstances.

As a producer, BEKS standardly delivers its drawer systems superfast. From design to realisation in 10 business days. Specially for BEKS-for-Blue clients, customised work is possible. Save on weight, or deviating sizes? No problem! BEKS-for-Blue always goes a step further.

Very reliable, strong, sophisticated, very attractively priced, and also with a high level of quality. Personalised? Your own logo on the handle? Maybe your house style implemented in the cargo space? No problem. Contact BEKS-for-Blue or one of our partners.

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