Of course there are accessories in a company car. By dividing the drawers cleverly, you increase the ease of use. Partitions, plastic trays and compartments in plastic or aluminium provide even more overview.
Do you need a vice on a trolley or do you want to be able to wash your hands on the way; BEKS offers the solution.

Tussenschot - TS76.jpg


Various sizes

Vakverdeling - VA83.40 (verpakt).jpg

Aluminium compartments

Various sizes

Vakverdeling - VK80.50 (verpakt).jpg

Compartment plastic

Various sizes

Lengteverdeling - LV76 (verpakt).jpg

Length distribution

Self-determining position

Kunststof krat - KK24 (verpakt).jpg

Plastic crates

Various sizes

Penslot - Slot HD (verpakt).jpg


Several locks possible with 1 key

Montageset - BIS TD.jpg

Mounting sets

Standard or with tension swivels

Bankschroefslede - Slide BS (verpakt).jpg

Vice slide



Storage trays

Various sizes

Accessories for Veterinarians

We have a range of accessories especially for our veterinary customers. There are layouts available for 50ml, 100ml or 250ml bottles. The height of the various BEKS drawers is optimally adapted to the different packaging.

In order to be able to correctly separate the different waste streams on the way, we have various waste bins and needle containers in the range. Of course, cooling, heating and the corresponding power supply must also be included.

Coolbox - CB25 (verpakt).jpg


Various models

Vakverdeling - VK90.40-050ml-63 (verpakt).jpg

Bottle compartments

For 50, 100 or 250 ml bottles

Afvalbak - VB04 (verpakt).jpg

Waste bins

4, 6 or 8 litres

For more information or options, contact our dealers

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