• Unique drawer system
  • More space and better overview
  • Real craftmanship
  • Safe

About BEKS in-vehicle equipment

From one-man business to fleet owner
The development of our unique floor drawer system started in 2002. In the years that followed, BEKS developed into the number 1 in Europe in the field of drawer systems for commercial vehicles. There was a strong demand for possibilities to efficiently equip passenger cars, vans and work busses. Installation companies, assembly firms, service companies, locksmiths, energy companies, environmental offices, surveyors, construction companies, chimney sweepers, veterinarians, police and also the camping and leisure market appreciate every day the unlimited possibilities of BEKS.

Our strength
As a small organization, we’re flexible and can directly respond to your specific wants and needs. We use the most recent technologies and high-quality materials. This makes our system very durable. The chance of defects is practically zero. And if something doesn’t function as it should? We have a 10-year warranty. 

This is how we work
We have dealers in Europe who are happy to help you. They have ample experience with installing our drawer system and can equip any company car entirely to your liking.

BEKS Importer

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What makes BEKS so unique


Specialised in floor drawer systems

Unique drawer conductors:
NO telescopic drawer conductors on the side
Patented locking system of the drawer


High load capacity

Depths from 60 to 90 > 60 kg per drawer
Depth from 105 > 100 kg per drawer


Very short delivery times

The ordered equipment can leave the factory after 9 working days


Long longevity

Can be easily transferred to another vehicle


Low weight;

Results in fuel saving or in larger action radius

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Unique drawer system

Located at the centre of the Benelux, we produce the most efficient drawer system for vans and passenger cars. Our strong but light system saves you time and money. The frustrations of forgotten or unfindable materials are definitely a thing of the past.

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More space and better overview

Thanks to the floor drawer system, you can perfectly store all materials and tools and maintain an excellent overview of the contents of the load compartment. Every drawer has a load capacity of 100 kg, so you can optimally use the space of the drawer system

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Real craftsmanship

Our expert employees customise professional in-vehicle equipment for you, in our own factory at Valkenswaard.

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By using a floor drawer system, the car has a low centre of gravity, which positively influences safety and driving comfort. The car slants less when taking turns and no loose materials will roll through the car. We consider preventing injury by accidents and keeping a high driving comfort important benefits of our systems.

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Drawer system

Lost overview in your company car? Thanks to our efficient, expense and time saving in-vehicle equipment, this is a thing of the past.

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Design your own drawer system online

What does your ideal in-vehicle equipment look like? Show it in the Wizard.

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What do our clients say?

“You can’t stand up straight in my car, so no more racks for me. I now have a better overview and more space.”

Pieter Van Bouwel

“Because the boxes with parts are now in a standard, safe place, I can sell them as if they’re new for much longer.”

Edwin van Gerven

“I have a better overview of what I do or don’t have on me now, which helps me make a much more professional impression. What’s more, I’m saving a lot of time!”

Annelies Smeyers

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