Target audience: Mechanics

For professional users, who are on the road with a
“service” mission and bring certain parts/tools for
this purpose.

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Effortless storage

Do you want an organised loading space to easily store and find your tools? Do you like to work efficient and comfortably, without having to get in and out of your car all the time? Discover the BEKS lightweight storage system.

This unique drawer system gives you an overview of your materials and tools. The smooth loading floor on top of the drawer system is perfectly suited for large and heavy objects. The complete cargo space of your care is used, and your care is representative, safe, and organised. Because of the low point of gravity, your company car will tilt less in curves. You can evenly distribute the weight in the lightweight drawer system.

“You can’t stand up straight in my car, so no wall racks for me anymore. I have more space and overview now. Moreover, I can easily transport another pallet on top of the double loading floor”

Endless possibilities

The ideal configuration of your company car is up to you with BEKS drawer systems. Because of the many sizes, you can combine endlessly, and your system will be produced according your wishes and specifications in 10 business days. The system is also easy to install and can be used in any car.

The many configuration possibilities of the drawers improve the overview. The lightweight drawer systems are built with sustainable materials.

Do you need a new car? No problem! The system can easily be transferred.

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Customers such as Vreman Water and bed producer Arjo Huntleigh show that also cars which do not belong to the primary target group of BEKS-for-Vans, can be equipped just fine with a BEKS-drawer system.

The starting point in determining the ideal configuration is the car, and secondly the materials and tools to be transported. Everything that needs to be taken along standardly, gets a logical and fixed place. The puzzle often starts with the largest and most voluminous item. Step by step, the ideal configuration is shaped. The realisation of the design, the installation by qualified BEKS-partners, and delivery of the configured vehicle to the end user, is always a festive event.

Customisation, preferably with as much standard sizes as possible, that is what BEKS does.

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