Even loading

Exaggeration makes things clear. Of course, you don't drive like this. But this is what your van 'experiences'.

Due to the uneven loading, your car's handling becomes less good. In addition, the suspension and tyres are overloaded.

The BEKS floor drawer system helps you to realise a good and even loading of your van.

Safer, more convenient and more beautiful. That's 'BETTER with BEKS'

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I cannot reach my things

The mess in the back of many a van is not only the 'fault' of a careless driver. Much more often the reason for the mess in the van lies in the choice of wall racks.

Shelving against the side of the van is only a good idea if you can stand upright in the van, or if you need your van as a workshop/warehouse.
In all other cases, the choice for a drawer system is smarter.

  1. No more climbing into a bus where you can't stand up straight;
  2. Everything has a fixed place;
  3. Extra materials are put on top of the drawer system, where you can still reach your tools and parts;
  4. The weight is distributed better over the front and rear axles.

Stand upright

If the height of the car is not sufficient for you to stand up straight, access to the load compartment is unpleasant and sometimes even painful. You might bump your head or develop neck and/or back pain. We like to take care of our most precious asset; our colleagues!

While you are standing upright next to your car, your materials and tools are easily accessible. That is ergonomics at its best!

Are you also careful of yourself? Then do it 'BETTER with BEKS' too!

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Fuel saving

Being overweight is not good. No, this is not your GP speaking! This is your specialist in fitting out vans.

Every kilo you take on board costs you 0.1 litres of fuel for every 100 kilometres you drive. Do the math. If that is too much trouble, let BEKS equip your van. We offer the lightest in-vehicle equipment and a 10-year guarantee.

If you make an online configuration, we automatically calculate your possible fuel savings.

BEKS pays for itself! That's what we mean by 'BETTER with BEKS'

Available working space

When the only available space is your 'free' walkway between the furnishings, it gets tricky. An arrangement with wall shelves confronts you with the choice of either keeping your walkway free or taking your extra things with you.

To choose is to lose! As a user, you don't have that choice at all, so you have to experience how difficult it is every day. It gives us a thick folder of photos, all showing the consequences of those wrong choices.

So do it differently. Do it better. Do it with BEKS. A BEKS drawer system offers users what wall shelving simply cannot: access to your materials and the ability to take extra materials with you.

That's 'BETTER with BEKS'

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Competition & BEKS

On websites and on social media we regularly see pictures of realisations by our competitors. New buses and vans, furnished with the best that Aluca's, Bott's, Sortimo's and their many colleagues have to offer.

Examples where the mechanics, who are allowed to drive the buses, don't even have the space to stand, between the racks and drawers that are in them.

Because he is already forced to stand with his head down, he can look right into the drawer.....

That really could be better. 'BETTER with BEKS'

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