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Do you want to put together your own in-vehicle equipment? Then use our online wizard to design your own in-vehicle equipment according to your wishes and insights.

With this online drawing tool you can easily put together your own in-vehicle equipment. Every year, thousands of customers design the ideal interior of their company buses online.


How does the Wizard work?

Over the years, we have designed in-vehicle equipment for almost every occupation. Our wide range of options is at your disposal to help you decide on the most ideal equipment for you. Our range includes over 5.5 million different configurations!

Go to the online drawing tool and choose the brand and type of your company car. In 4 easy steps you can create your own in-vehicle equipment.

Plenty of choice for your in-vehicle equipment

With the BEKS drawer system you always have a choice. Do you have a lot of low things? Then a range of low drawers is the best solution for you. Do you need more storage space, or do you have tall materials? Then we offer a wide range of wide, high and long drawers. The choice is all yours!


Is the design for your in-vehicle equipment ready? Then your local BEKS dealer will contact you as soon as possible. Our dealer will provide you with professional advice and, if necessary, can further adapt the design to your specific situation.
After the order has been received, we will produce your bottom drawer system to order in our own factory. Because we have the complete production in our own hands, we guarantee a quick delivery of 10 working days. The final step is an appointment to install the system with our dealer. On your way to many happy and safe kilometres and many hours of working pleasure!

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