Can you stand upright in your vehicle with a BEKS drawer system?

Many vans don't have enough height in the cargo area to be able to stand upright. Many BEKS clients don't think that you should climb in and bend but, rather, the parts and tools should come to you in an ergonomic way.


Can the drawer open in a busy parking area?

Many BEKS clients have customers in urban areas. The choice for small vehicles is evident in the city. Parking is often an issue. That is why we often get asked whether a drawer can be opened when other cars are parked to the left and right, or at the front and the rear. The answer is yes. If you can stand behind it and open the door, the drawer can also be opened. Maybe not always and under all circumstances, for the full 100%, but the stuff you need most is not in the back of the drawer!


What is the drawer's maximum weight capacity?

Each drawer can be loaded with 100 kg, evenly distributed over the surface of the drawer. 

On top of the drawer system, the maximum load capacity, minus the weight of the BEKS drawer system, applies. The great thing is that the extra load no longer blocks access to your tools and parts!


Will I be bothered by the heightened lifting platform?

Some potential buyers have their doubts about the higher lifting platform. Indeed, it does require you to lift a little higher, depending on the desired height of the design. On the other hand, unloading is more ergonomic, because lifting can be done in an upright position.


How much free space do I have with a drawer system?

Due to the efficient use of cargo space, the space above the drawer system is also fully available. What is the purpose of having "free space" between the wall units, which in reality is not available! This is, after all, used for carrying a ladder, vacuum cleaner, bucket and extra parts, which then block access to your own tools and parts. 

Usually the entire width of the loading space is available from the second height on ("Height B"), because the wheel arches fall away under the raised floor.


How complex is the drawer system?

The BEKS drawer system looks simple. We consider that to be a huge compliment! No drawer slides on the sides of the drawers. Therefore dust, water and dirt can't affect the system. Also no complicated lock systems, with latches, springs or cables. Our locking system works on gravity.


Can you reconstruct the drawer system?

As long as you stay within a comparable size range, it is often possible to reconstruct an existing installation. Car manufacturers often develop their van models based on the dimensions of a Europalet. The size is 80 x 120 cm. As a result, you usually see a minimum space of 121 cm between the wheel arches and 85 to 100 cm or more towards the side door. BEKS makes smart use of this information when choosing the dimensions that are offered to customers.

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Is the drawer system sustainable?

Because the system can be easily transferred, it can last for subsequent generations of vehicles. 2 or more transfers is daily practice. Choosing BEKS is therefore a choice for decades!

10 Year Warranty

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