How our system works

Opening a BEKS drawer of your van interior is very simple. You open the drawer of your van interior with one hand by placing the palm of your hand on the handle and 'squeezing' the latch with your fingers. You can now release the latch and open the drawer further with the handle. Closing is even easier! A BEKS drawer system locks automatically when you close it. Push the drawer back into the cabinet until the latch is back in its basic position. Gravity locks the interior of your van; it's easy and it always works!

When the drawer is about 2/3 open, the BEKS drawer has an intermediate stop. Operate the locking device again to open the drawer completely. This intermediate stop extends the life of the drawer when it is heavily loaded. It also provides additional safety and convenience for the work bus fixture.

The accompanying film shows how easy it is to operate a BEKS drawer.

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