Vehicle equipment for Fleet managers

Target audience

For companies, governments, and institutions
which have a relevant fleet of at least 9 vehicles.

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Wegenwacht ANWB

BEKS - The Fleet organizer

From the founding of BEKS, customers with a large fleet of cars are important. GEAS, for example, has been an important customer of BEKS for 15 years, and have been at the cradle for BEKS-for-Fleet.

The Dutch ANWB also found at BEKS-for-Fleet what they could not find elsewhere; the strongest, lightest, and most reliable drawer system. The Van Delft Group followed and many other customers are now finding their way to BEKS.

"Every 10 kg added, will cost 0.1 litre fuel per 100 km extra."

~ Fleet Manager Structon

"Searching for one minute will cost you and your customer 1 euro."

~ Fleet Manager GEAS


Customised quality

As a producer, BEKS standardly delivers its drawer systems superfast. From design to realisation in 10 business days. Specially for fleet clients, even customised work is possible in this short lead time. Save on weight, or deviating sizes? No problem! BEKS-for-Fleet always goes a step further than you expect.

Very reliable, strong, sophisticated, very attractively priced, and also with a high level of quality. Personalised? Your own logo on the handle? Maybe your house style implemented in the cargo space? No problem. Contact BEKS-for-Fleet or one of our partners.

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