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Drawer systems

Many company cars are messy due to lack of a smart storage space. As a result, you first have to look for the right materials before you can start a job.

Can’t find something? You’ll have to go back to get it. This takes time and money. After all, a minute of searching costs both you and your client 1 euro! Additionally, it’s frustrating, both to the client and to you. Recognise this problem? Then our unique drawer system is a solution for you!

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Why a drawer system?

Our drawer system is very different from the traditional brands of in-vehicle equipment. We work with drawers on the floor of the car, rather than racks against the side walls. This allows you to use the full width of the storage space. Our unique drawer system offers even more advantages:

  • Uncluttered storage of all materials;
  • Bring more materials due to the high capacity of 100 kg per drawer;
  • Easily find materials by working with a standard storage space;
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  • Tools will last a lot longer due to safe storage;
  • Simple stock management;
  • Preserves the (flat) truck bed so broad objects can easily be transported; 
  • Saves fuel by using light materials and optimal weight distribution;
  • Better safety due to a low centre of gravity and the prevention of materials lying around;
  • Prevention of theft due to the cargo not being visible from the outside and by working with lockable drawers;
  • High ergonomics by not having to bend down or climb in and out of the load compartment of the car.

The equipment

Our drawer system, consisting of lightweight and durable materials, has a modular design, can be linked indefinitely in height and width and be expanded with a slew of accessories.

The drawers vary in width, height, length and you can even pick the front colour. This allows us to equip the system entirely to your liking and you can bring everything you need. The system is easy to install and always fits. 

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