Car equipment for Veterinarians

Target audience

For professional users, who are on the road with a
“veterinary” mission and bring certain medication,
materials, and/or tools.

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Veterinary Vehicle Solutions

Do you want a vehicle which is not only organised and hygienic, but is also equipped with all amenities you need as a veterinary? Such as a CoolBox with extra power supply, 230 volts for a printer, running water with drainage, and the option to waste separation. Discover the lightweight storage system of BEKS-for-Vets.

This unique drawer system gives you a perfect overview. On the smooth loading floor on top of the drawer system, you can easily transport large things, but also for your groceries or other private uses. You use the complete loading volume of your car and maintain visibility all around. Your car is hygienic, representative, safe, and organised. Because of the low point of gravity of this lightweight drawer system, your car will tilt less in bends.

Endless possibilities

The unique BEKS-for-Vets drawer system goes further where other systems stop. Because of the many sizes, you can combine endlessly. The system is built up modularly, and the many accessories create a lot of possibilities both in and outside the drawers.

You can use the system in any car and can be easily transferred to another car. The system is built with sustainable and lightweight materials such as aluminium and lightweight wood. The frame is of high-quality stainless steel.

BEKS-FOR-VETS_Ford Transit SM.jpg

Dynnox Stretcher system with BEKS-construction

For transporting heavy RX-equipment with all accessories, or for a complete treatment unit for a horse dentist, including power supply, running water, and compressed air. The Dynnox is ready!

Dynnox is a multi-functional loading, unloading, and transport system for company cars, comparable with the principle of an ambulance stretcher. Because of the unique and versatile functionality, the Dynnox saves time and is an employee-friendly transport vehicle.

You do no longer have to lift heavy materials and using Dynnox saves you many trips from and to your company car when you have to take many things to the workplace. Tell us your wishes, and we will come by to show you the possibilities of Dynnox!

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